Lesra Martin
Literacy Ambassador, ABC Life Literacy

"Look at my life...look at what happened with me. A group of strangers came into my life, provided me with access to opportunity, and I went from not being able to read, to be being a lawyer. ... That is reason enough, to know that every little bit makes a difference and we should do it simply because we can."
- Lesra Martin

As part of our ongoing look at low literacy levels affecting priority neighbourhoods in Toronto, Stirling Projects, in collaboration with the Reading Partnership, interviewed lawyer and literacy ambassador, Lesra Martin, during the 2nd Annual Spotlight in Literacy forum in the KGO Community.

Lesra, known for his involvement in helping to free Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, has teamed up with ABC Life Literacy to help promote life long education and spread awareness about low levels of literacy in our country.

"It doesn't just affect the individual...it affects the entire country." - Lesra Martin