Spotlight on Literacy in Toronto

35% of third graders living in the Kingston-Galloway-Orton Park community are not meeting the provincial standard for reading. We're talking about a neighbourhood that's just 45 minutes from downtown Toronto.

When we talk about jobs and growth in this country, education has to be at the forefront of our investments.

Working with the Reading Partnership, Stirling Projects has been documenting this event and sitting down with community stakeholders, literacy ambassadors and members of the community to discuss the issue of low literacy in neighbourhoods across Toronto and encourage people to help however they can.

To find more information, visit the 3rd Annual Spotlight on Literacy Forum being held tomorrow, April 23rd 2015. The Reading Partnership will be giving away 1,500 books, holding free information clinics and creating a dialogue with the community.

Come join the conversation.

3rd Annual Spotlight on Literacy Forum

April 23rd, 2015
5pm - 830pm

Sir Robert L. Borden B&TI 200 Poplar Road.

The Reading Parternship